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BCG98 - General Construction (Superseded by BCG03)

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Unit Name
BCG1012A  Prepare for construction process (wall and floor tiling)
BCG1013A  Prepare for construction process (solid plastering)
BCG1014A  Prepare for construction process (dry wall plastering)
BCG1015A  Prepare for construction process (brick/block laying)
BCG2005A  Erect and strip formwork for concrete work
BCG2006A  Carry out steelfixing
BCG2011A  Use static machines
BCG3001A  Encapsulate and remove asbestos
BCG3002A  Carry out general demolition (manual/ mechanical)
BCG3003A  Operate demolition plant and equipment
BCG3004A  Operate crushing plant
BCG3005A  Remove contaminants - belt picker
BCG3006A  Operate loader
BCG3007A  Dispatch crushings
BCG3009A  Construct and install non-load bearing internal partition wall
BCG3010A  Install windows to wall framing
BCG3014A  Erect timber pitched roof framing
BCG3015A  Erect timber roof trusses
BCG3017A  Install timber and sheet flooring
BCG3018A  Erect steel roof trusses
BCG3019A  Construct and erect steel wall framing
BCG3020A  Construct timber roof structures - irregular roofs
BCG3021A  Install door frames
BCG3022A  Finish eaves
BCG3023A  Install exterior cladding
BCG3024A  Construct timber external stairs
BCG3025A  Install external or internal doors
BCG3026A  Install fitments
BCG3027A  Construct wet area construction/installation
BCG3029A  Fix timber mouldings
BCG3030A  Replace glass
BCG3031A  Erect door jamb/frame (built-in unit)
BCG3032A  Fix timber raking moulds
BCG3033A  Restore/renovate windows and frames
BCG3034A  Erect/dismantle formwork
BCG3035A  Erect/dismantle jump form formwork
BCG3036A  Tile a regular roof
BCG3037A  Tile an irregular roof
BCG3038A  Slate a roof
BCG3039A  Repair and restore tile roofs
BCG3040A  Carry out restoration of heritage roof tiling
BCG3043A  Operate hoist
BCG3044A  Apply decorative finishes
BCG3046A  Apply texture coatings
BCG3047A  Erect ceiling framing (pitched roof)
BCG3048A  Install glass blockwork
BCG3049A  Fix stone steps and stairs
BCG3051A  Install and repair stone floors
BCG3052A  Fix stone veneer cladding
BCG3054A  Lay terrazzo
BCG3055A  Carry out cemetery monument fixing
BCG3057A  Finish concrete
BCG3058A  Transport concrete
BCG3059A  Place concrete
BCG3060A  Cure concrete
BCG3061A  Apply reinforcement schedule
BCG3062A  Carry out special finishes to concrete
BCG3063A  Carry out tilt slab construction
BCG3064A  Weld using manual metal arc welding process (MMAW)
BCG3065A  Carry out monostrand post tensioning
BCG3066A  Carry out stressbar post tensioning
BCG3067A  Construct corbels and decorative brickwork
BCG3070A  Dress stone manually
BCG3072A  Split stone manually
BCG3073A  Finish stone
BCG3076A  Inlay lead to stone
BCG3077A  Lay and repair wall and floor tiles
BCG3078A  Tile corners
BCG3079A  Tile curved surfaces
BCG3080A  Carry out decorative mosaic tiling
BCG3082A  Tile pools and spas
BCG3085A  Install plasterboard, plasterglass, fibre cement/cornice to wall/ceiling
BCG3086A  Install pre-cast decorative mouldings
BCG3087A  Carry out firerated wall and ceiling construction
BCG3088A  Install suspended ceiling (tiles, panels and strips)
BCG3089A  Install cast plaster blockwork
BCG3090A  Install acoustic and thermal insulation
BCG3091A  Apply float and set coats for hard plaster - flat surfaces
BCG3092A  Apply solid render
BCG3093A  Restore and renovate solid plasterwork
BCG3094A  Construct plaster mouldings
BCG3095A  Carry out conite construction
BCG3097A  Match specified paint colour
BCG3098A  Apply clear timber finish
BCG3099A  Set and anchor stone facades
BCG3100A  Prepare surfaces for painting and decorating
BCG3101A  Apply wallpaper
BCG3102A  Install glazing
BCG3103A  Apply industrial protective coatings
BCG3105A  Install aluminium framework - glazed panelled
BCG3106A  Erect pre-cast cladding
BCG3107A  Carry out veneer construction
BCG3108A  Carry out solid brick construction
BCG3109A  Construct masonry steps and stairs
BCG3110A  Lay bricks and blocks (wall and corner)
BCG3111A  Lay multi-thickness walls and piers
BCG3112A  Construct masonry arch - semi-circular and segmental
BCG3113A  Construct curved wall
BCG3114A  Construct masonry blockwork
BCG3116A  Install marble floors and wall/column tiling
BCG3117A  Fix shingles - roofs and facades
BCG3119A  Operate pulveriser
BCG3120A  Fix linings and panelling
BCG3121A  Apply waterproofing for wall and floor tiling
BCG3122A  Erect/dismantle slip form formwork

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