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ICP05 - Printing And Graphic Arts Training Package

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Unit Name
CULLB505A  Analyse and describe material
ICAITB135A  Create a simple mark-up language document to specification
ICAITB165A  Create dynamic pages
ICAITB169A  Use development software and IT tools to build a basic website to specification
ICAITB171A  Develop cascading style sheets (CSS)
ICAITB180A  Integrate a database with a website
ICAITB210A  Analyse information and assign meta-tags
ICAITI189A  Ensure website content meets appropriate technical protocols & standards
ICAITU207A  Apply a web authoring tool to convert client data
ICPCF105B  Operate in-line mail machine
ICPCF203B  Collate and insert mail manually
ICPCF204B  Operate addressing machine
ICPCF208B  Set up and operate a cheque mailer machine
ICPCF209B  Set up and operate in-line mail machine
ICPCF2101B  Set up and run machine for sewing
ICPCF2104B  Set up single-faced web
ICPCF2106B  Set up double-faced web
ICPCF2108B  Produce basic folded and glued cartons
ICPCF220B  Produce basic converted or finished product
ICPCF221B  Set up and produce basic guillotined product
ICPCF222B  Set up and operate in-line cutter
ICPCF223B  Set up machine for cutting (trimming)
ICPCF224B  Produce cut (trimmed) product
ICPCF225B  Set up machine for basic flat-bed die cutting or embossing
ICPCF226B  Produce basic flat-bed die cut or embossed product
ICPCF227B  Set up machine for basic rotary die cutting or embossing
ICPCF228B  Produce basic rotary die cut or embossed product
ICPCF231B  Set up machine for basic flat-bed cutting
ICPCF232B  Produce basic flat-bed cut product
ICPCF235B  Set up machine for basic rotary cutting
ICPCF236B  Produce basic rotary cut product
ICPCF241B  Set up machine for basic single or continuous folding
ICPCF242B  Produce basic single or continuous folded product
ICPCF243B  Set up machine for basic collating or inserting (sheet / section)
ICPCF244B  Produce basic collated or inserted (sheet / section) product
ICPCF245B  Set up and produce hand-collated or -inserted product
ICPCF261B  Set up machine for basic adhesive, mechanical or thermal fastening
ICPCF262B  Produce basic adhesive, mechanical or thermal fastened product
ICPCF263B  Set up and produce hand-fastened product
ICPCF281B  Set up machine for basic laminating
ICPCF282B  Produce basic laminated product
ICPCF294B  Set up profile cutting for envelope manufacture
ICPCF297B  Clean sack and bag machines
ICPCF298B  Run and monitor sack and bag machines
ICPCF3100B  Run and monitor in-line tube making machine for sack or bag manufacture
ICPCF3101B  Run and monitor in-line bottom making machine for sack or bag manufacture
ICPCF3102B  Set up and monitor in-line scoring, folding and gluing machine for sack or bag manufacture
ICPCF3103B  Run and monitor envelope manufacturing machines
ICPCF3105B  Produce single-faced web
ICPCF3106B  Set up machine for basic carton folding and gluing
ICPCF3107B  Produce double-faced web
ICPCF3109B  Produce complex folded and glued cartons
ICPCF311B  Prepare for cutting forme and stripper making
ICPCF312B  Set cutting forme and strippers
ICPCF320B  Produce complex converted or finished product
ICPCF321B  Set up and produce complex guillotined product
ICPCF326B  Undertake pre make-ready for die cutting
ICPCF327B  Set up machine for complex rotary die cutting or embossing
ICPCF328B  Produce complex rotary die cut or embossed product
ICPCF341B  Set up machine for complex sequenced or multiple folding
ICPCF342B  Produce complex sequenced or multiple folded product
ICPCF343B  Set up machine for complex collating or inserting (sheet / section / reel)
ICPCF344B  Produce complex collated or inserted (sheet / section / reel) product
ICPCF361B  Set up machine for complex adhesive, mechanical or sewn fastening
ICPCF362B  Produce complex adhesive, mechanical or sewn fastened product
ICPCF369B  Set up and produce hand-made box
ICPCF371B  Decorate paper
ICPCF381B  Set up machine for complex laminating
ICPCF382B  Produce complex laminated product
ICPCF391B  Use electronic monitoring systems (converting and finishing)
ICPCF392B  Produce product on window gluer
ICPCF393B  Set up machine for envelope manufacture
ICPCF395B  Set up and operate folder gluer machine
ICPCF396B  Set up in-line scoring, folding and gluing machine for envelope manufacture
ICPCF398B  Set up in-line bottom making machine for sack or bag manufacture
ICPCF399B  Set up in-line tube making machine for sack or bag manufacture
ICPCF406B  Set up and load in-line smart card machine
ICPCF407B  Operate a smart card machine and pack product
ICPCF4107B  Set up machine for complex carton folding and gluing
ICPCF425B  Set up machine for complex flat-bed die cutting or embossing
ICPCF426B  Produce complex flat-bed die cut or embossed product
ICPCF465B  Set up and produce hand-bound book
ICPCF467B  Restore books
ICPIM211B  Select and prepare materials for production
ICPIM221B  Blend chemicals
ICPIM251B  Filter and pack product
ICPIM331B  Manufacture inks and coatings
ICPIM335B  Manufacture varnish and resin
ICPKN311B  Apply knowledge of the graphic pre-press sector
ICPKN312B  Apply knowledge of printing machining
ICPKN313B  Apply knowledge and requirements of the converting, binding and finishing sector
ICPKN314B  Apply knowledge and requirements of the screen printing sector
ICPKN315B  Apply knowledge and requirements of the multimedia sector
ICPKN316B  Apply knowledge and requirements of paper and printing processes
ICPKN317B  Apply knowledge and requirements of the ink manufacturing sector
ICPKN318B  Apply knowledge and requirements of mail house operations
ICPKN319B  Apply knowledge and processes of converting paper-based products
ICPKN320B  Apply knowledge and requirements of information technology systems in the printing industry
ICPMM263B  Access and use the Internet
ICPMM296B  Create and test a CD-ROM / DVD
ICPMM321B  Capture a digital image
ICPMM322B  Edit a digital image
ICPMM344B  Manipulate and incorporate audio into multimedia presentations
ICPMM346B  Incorporate video into multimedia presentations
ICPMM491B  Create an extensible document
ICPMM492B  Create an extensible style sheet
ICPMM581B  Manage multimedia production
ICPMM582B  Manage multimedia projects
ICPPP211B  Develop a basic design concept
ICPPP221B  Select and apply type
ICPPP222B  Scan a line image
ICPPP223B  Photograph a line image
ICPPP224B  Produce pages using a page layout application
ICPPP225B  Produce graphics using a graphics application
ICPPP226B  Produce interactive PDF files
ICPPP227B  Produce online PDF files
ICPPP231B  Manually combine spot colour and basic four-colour images
ICPPP232B  Electronically combine and assemble data
ICPPP252B  Output images
ICPPP260B  Proof images
ICPPP266B  Produce relief plates
ICPPP267B  Produce offset lithographic plates
ICPPP268B  Make photopolymer plates (flexographic)
ICPPP269B  Produce photopolymer plates for pad printing
ICPPP272B  Produce gravure cylinders manually
ICPPP281B  Design basic carton
ICPPP283B  Prepare artwork for screen printing
ICPPP311B  Develop a detailed design concept
ICPPP321B  Produce a typographic image
ICPPP322B  Digitise images for reproduction
ICPPP323B  Photograph and produce halftone images
ICPPP324B  Create pages using a page layout application
ICPPP325B  Create graphics using a graphics application
ICPPP328B  Generate high-end PDF files
ICPPP331B  Manually combine complex four-colour images
ICPPP333B  Electronically combine complex images
ICPPP334B  Prepare an imposition format for printing processes
ICPPP352B  Output complex images
ICPPP360B  Undertake special colour proofing
ICPPP370B  Produce multiple image plates
ICPPP372B  Produce gravure cylinders electronically
ICPPP382B  Produce computer image for screen printing
ICPPP385B  Operate a database for digital printing
ICPPP386B  Undertake digital proofing
ICPPP395B  Transfer digital files
ICPPP411B  Undertake a complex design brief
ICPPP421B  Compose and evaluate typography
ICPPP422B  Digitise complex images for reproduction
ICPPP423B  Apply colour to design brief
ICPPP430B  Manage colour
ICPPP435B  Generate complex imposition
ICPPP452B  Output complex images direct to plate or press
ICPPP481B  Design complex carton
ICPPP484B  Set up and operate automated workflow
ICPPP485B  Develop a digital data template
ICPPP494B  Develop document content and structure
ICPPR211B  Mount and proof flexographic plates for basic printing
ICPPR214B  Produce basic flexographic printed product
ICPPR222B  Produce basic gravure printed product
ICPPR232B  Produce basic lithographic printed product
ICPPR242B  Produce basic pad printed product
ICPPR252B  Produce basic relief printed product
ICPPR261B  Set up for foil stamping
ICPPR262B  Produce foil stamped product
ICPPR271B  Set up for basic coating
ICPPR272B  Produce basic coated product
ICPPR281B  Set up and produce basic digital print
ICPPR282B  Produce and manage basic digital print
ICPPR313B  Set up for basic flexographic printing
ICPPR314B  Produce complex flexographic printed product
ICPPR321B  Set up for basic gravure printing
ICPPR322B  Produce complex gravure printed product
ICPPR331B  Set up for basic lithographic printing
ICPPR332B  Produce complex lithographic printed product
ICPPR341B  Set up for basic pad printing
ICPPR342B  Produce complex pad printed product
ICPPR351B  Set up for basic relief printing
ICPPR352B  Produce complex relief printed product
ICPPR382B  Produce and manage complex digital print
ICPPR383B  Prepare for personalised digital printing
ICPPR411B  Mount and demount flexographic plates for complex printing
ICPPR413B  Set up for complex flexographic printing
ICPPR414B  Produce specialised flexographic printed product
ICPPR421B  Set up for complex gravure printing
ICPPR422B  Produce specialised gravure printed product
ICPPR431B  Set up for complex lithographic printing
ICPPR432B  Produce specialised lithographic printed product
ICPPR441B  Set up for complex pad printing
ICPPR442B  Produce specialised pad printed product
ICPPR451B  Set up for complex relief printing
ICPPR452B  Produce specialised relief printed product
ICPPR471B  Set up for complex coating
ICPPR472B  Produce complex coated product
ICPPR481B  Set up and produce complex digital print
ICPPR484B  Prepare for variable data printing
ICPPR491B  Use on-press monitoring of print quality
ICPPR492B  Use on-press print control devices
ICPPR493B  Set up and monitor in-line printing operations
ICPPR513B  Set up for specialised flexographic printing
ICPPR521B  Set up for specialised gravure printing
ICPPR531B  Set up for specialised lithographic printing
ICPPR541B  Set up for specialised pad printing
ICPPR551B  Set up for specialised relief printing
ICPSP211B  Reclaim screen automatically
ICPSP215B  Prepare screen
ICPSP221B  Prepare substrate
ICPSP222B  Prepare and cut screen print substrate
ICPSP223B  Prepare film for screen printing
ICPSP231B  Prepare stencil using computer or hand-cut method
ICPSP233B  Manually prepare direct emulsion stencil
ICPSP235B  Prepare stencil using photographic indirect method
ICPSP270B  Manually prepare and produce screen prints
ICPSP271B  Manually produce basic screen prints
ICPSP273B  Semi-automatically produce basic screen prints
ICPSP275B  Automatically produce basic screen prints
ICPSP281B  Finish screen print products
ICPSP311B  Reclaim screen manually
ICPSP333B  Automatically prepare direct emulsion stencil
ICPSP337B  Prepare stencil using photographic capillary method
ICPSP339B  Prepare stencil using direct projection method
ICPSP341B  Prepare stencil using direct electronic imaging method
ICPSP351B  Prepare machine and drying / curing unit
ICPSP371B  Manually produce complex screen prints
ICPSP373B  Semi-automatically produce complex screen prints
ICPSP374B  Operate a semi-automatic screen printing machine
ICPSP375B  Automatically produce complex screen prints
ICPSP376B  Operate an automatic screen printing machine
ICPSP382B  Produce computer image for screen printing
ICPSU120B  Pack product
ICPSU203B  Prepare and maintain the work area
ICPSU207B  Prepare machine for operation (basic)
ICPSU211B  Prepare ink and additives
ICPSU212B  Prepare coatings and adhesives
ICPSU216B  Inspect quality against required standards
ICPSU221B  Pack and dispatch product
ICPSU222B  Pack and dispatch solid waste
ICPSU224B  Perform basic machine maintenance
ICPSU225B  Perform small machine maintenance
ICPSU235B  Lift loads mechanically
ICPSU236B  Shift loads mechanically
ICPSU241B  Undertake warehouse or stores materials processing
ICPSU243B  Reconcile process outputs
ICPSU260B  Maintain a safe work environment
ICPSU261B  Follow OHS practices and identify environmental hazards
ICPSU262B  Communicate in the workplace
ICPSU263B  Perform basic industry calculations
ICPSU271B  Provide basic instruction for a task
ICPSU280B  Enter data into electronic system
ICPSU281B  Use computer systems
ICPSU311B  Prepare ink and additives (advanced)
ICPSU321B  Pack and dispatch (advanced)
ICPSU323B  Dispose of waste
ICPSU342B  Undertake inventory procedures
ICPSU345B  Purchase materials and schedule deliveries
ICPSU351B  Undertake basic production scheduling
ICPSU352B  Plan operational processes
ICPSU357B  Apply quick changeover procedures
ICPSU362B  Communicate as part of a work team
ICPSU381B  Operate and maintain computer resources
ICPSU389B  Undertake basic root cause analysis
ICPSU417B  Perform laboratory quality tests of materials and finished product
ICPSU455B  Supervise and schedule work of others
ICPSU456B  Control production
ICPSU458B  Monitor production workflow
ICPSU464B  Provide customer service and education
ICPSU482B  Troubleshoot and optimise materials and machinery
ICPSU485B  Implement a Just-in-Time (JIT) system
ICPSU486B  Mistake proof a production process
ICPSU487B  Analyse manual handling processes
ICPSU516B  Set and apply quality standards
ICPSU553B  Prepare production costing estimates
ICPSU554B  Manage teams
ICPSU583B  Troubleshoot and optimise the production process
ICPSU684B  Determine and improve process capability
NWP405A  Contribute to contract management
PMLMAIN300B  Maintain the laboratory fit for purpose
PMLSAMP400B  Obtain representative samples in accordance with sampling plan
PMLTEST300B  Perform basic tests
PMLTEST303B  Prepare working solutions
PMLTEST402B  Prepare, standardise and use solutions
WRWMK507A  Develop a sales strategy
WRWWS302A  Maintain business to business relationships
WRWWS504A  Manage business customers

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