Skills Self Assessment for LMTEW2005A - Perform wool preparation using gilling machinery




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In this exercise you will be undertaking a self-diagnosis of your current skills. We'll use this information to identify which areas the class needs to work on the most. Read through the following performance critera and note your experience level for each (if you're unsure of any just mark them as 'Low').

Operate wool gilling machines and equipment

Current Skill level
All necessary settings and preparation for machine or equipment operation are identified and assessed in accordance with specifications and workplace standard procedures High Medium Low  
Work area around machine or equipment is cleaned and maintained to meet workplace and OHS practices High Medium Low  
Gilling machinery and associated equipment is started High Medium Low  
Tubs cans and creels are changed as required High Medium Low  
Gilling machinery and associated equipment is stopped or shut down in accordance with all OHS and workplace standard operating procedures High Medium Low  

Carry out operator maintenance

Current Skill level
Minor running problems are identified corrected by the operator where appropriate and reported High Medium Low  
Major machine and equipment or product faults are reported in accordance with enterprise standard procedures High Medium Low  
Minor maintenance and cleaning are performed in accordance with manufacturer specifications and/or enterprise procedures High Medium Low  

Monitor product quality

Current Skill level
Quality requirements of gilled wool are correctly identified and applied for all stages of the process High Medium Low  
Wool flow is monitored to meet workplace standard operating procedures and quality requirements High Medium Low  
Blending is monitored to ensure blending consistency and feed uniformity High Medium Low  
Wool quality is visually checked to ensure standard is maintained High Medium Low  
Any deviations from normal are recognised isolated and reported High Medium Low  
Expertise of colleagues is accessed to address quality issues and expand own knowledge as required High Medium Low  

Dispose of waste materials

Current Skill level
Waste is kept to a minimum through correct application of workplace lot change and run out procedures High Medium Low  
Waste is recycled where possible High Medium Low  
Machine waste is disposed of in accordance with environmental and safety procedures High Medium Low  
Environmental requirements and procedures concerned with waste pollution and recycling of materials are correctly applied at all stages of the process High Medium Low  

Communicate production information

Current Skill level
Records and other documentation are clearly and accurately completed High Medium Low  
Information from other operators shifts and supervisory personnel regarding production status and problems is accurately interpreted by the operator High Medium Low  
Information regarding production status and problems is accurately communicated to other operators shifts and supervisory personnel High Medium Low